Rapid Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight for Lazy People


I am definitely addicted to fitness nowadays. & why not, it has brought such a positive change in me.

If you feel you do not have time for EXERCISE or any CRAZY DIET PLAN then this is for you.

NO MIRACLE PILLS OR EXERCISE. Plain and simple baby steps to change mindset towards fitness.

I do not have any proof or any before/after pictures to show you that I have lost more than 50 lbs in less than a year and trust me it was NOT EASY either.

It required a constant motivation for being fit.

But yes I started with below mentioned small changes to bring the BIG CHANGE in me. I must add that I am not any health professional or fitness trainer. The ways mentioned is just what has worked for me.

Probably you know all the ways. But how much have you followed it?

Follow it for just 28 days and seriously you will feel GOOD to see the results and glad to believe that you can actually make a plan and follow it.

Drink NO MORE than 3-4 liters of waterrapid weight loss

Probably I am going against the firm belief that more water means more weight loss. In fact, many people told me to have 1 ounce of water for per pound of my weight.

I started my fitness journey when I weighed 190 pounds so that would make 190 ounces or 5-6 liters of water. Now that is too much for me. It is even more difficult as going to the office and pondering over washrooms every 30 minutes is not professional at all 😛

Drinking water is very much essential for kidney and liver. Even skin will be glowing if you have plenty of water.

But for weight loss, 3-4 liters of water worked just fine for me. I used to get bloated if I consumed more than that amount.

If you do not like to have plain water then you can definitely mix it with fruits or just lemon to make it a different flavor.


rapid weight lossGet plenty of sleep.

I know it may be tough for you to get more than 6 hours of sleep. But to lose weight seriously you need at least 7-8 hours of good sleep.

Your metabolism rate lowers down when you are sleep deprived. Higher metabolism means faster breaking up of fats.

Deprived sleep ends up storing fats in all wrong places.

If you are trying to lose weight without any exercise then sleeping well is a necessary step.

Plan your Meals ( the most important)rapid weight loss

Preparing a meal takes a minimum of 15-20 minutes. What happens when you do not plan it earlier?

Early in the morning if you know what healthy breakfast you are going to have then you will not end up taking up junks and carbs.

Same goes for lunch, dinner or any snacks. You should always know what you are going to eat.

This is the most important step as we tend to eat all carbs, sugary or fried snacks when we get hungry. So preparing a meal before we get hungry is really important.

You can prepare your 2-3 days snacks or meals and keep it in the freezer so when you get hungry you do not have to run for the unhealthy foods for the body.

I will try to put up the things I eat in a day in my next post to make it easier for you to prepare the meal.

Get Yourself BUSY

rapid weight lossWell Yeah! We tend to eat more snacks while watching TV or not doing productive work on computers. So keeping yourself busy in works really helps.

If you (by any chance) have free time then you can pick up any sports which will be equal to doing any exercises.

Hey by the way you de-clutter your work-space, arrange your cabinet, make some life goals, create some positive challenge for yourself and list can go on. So do it without wasting any time.

If you are also any blogger then check how to make most of your time.

Definitely, check the SUGAR/OIL intakerapid weight loss

Have more protein. Yes, I know you have heard of it a zillion times. But have protein before you sleep. It has seriously helped me.

Roasted chicken, Tofu, Egg whites at night in a small amount have really helped me with keeping up my metabolism. I do not know if it will work for all but you can definitely give it a try for 2 weeks and re-check your body weight.

For snacks have almonds, Pistachios or cashew. No other dry fruits helped me to lose weight as these 3.

Sugar is well known for its ill effects. Specially when we are fat. If you are constantly eating a lot of sweets, cakes every week it is impossible to lose weight.

Now the oil factor. Yes, we have to use oil while cooking. Why not just brush it? Use oil as less as possible.

It is a matter of just 30 days.

Imagine your fitness model and why you want to lose weight. Hope that will keep you motivated.

Keep in Mind

Your mindset to get fit will not happen overnight. Initially, for week 1 you will be terrible at following it. But once you are fixed at your goals now you can easily follow your own set rules.

You can also start with a proper diet plan with Ketogenic diet. 


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    1. Hi Norma, I really suggest you check up with a doctor before you start following any low carb diet.
      Keto diet fat bombs and desserts are full of delicious fats, so I do not think it will go with a diabetic.

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